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Differences include higher activity level in males, while social orienting, reciprocity, eye-contact and language development tend to represent areas of strength for females (Bouchard et al. 2000; Hittelman and Dickes 1979; Lutchmaya and Baron-Cohen 2002; Maccoby and Jacklin 1974; Reilly et al. theory of mind (Happé 1995), and language development (Halpern 1997; Zahn-Waxler et al. Sex differences in autism-related symptoms among children with ASD is an emerging but under-researched area.The most frequently reported sex difference in ASD is the disproportionally higher male to female prevalence, consistently reported since the seminal studies by Kanner (1943) and Asperger (1944). In line with these studies, which widen the context by which behavioral manifestations of autism are considered by considering population-based phenomena, the present study further extends continuum-based perspectives of ASD-related behaviors in a large population based sample of children between 17 and 30 months.

Halfway through the conversations about gay marriage, the gay canvassers revealed they were gay and wanted to get married but couldn’t because of California’s then-ban on gay marriage, while the straight ones “instead described how their child, friend, or relative” was dealing with the same conundrum.

In this paper, sex-specific M-CHAT scores from N=53,728 18-month-old toddlers, including n=185 (32 females) with ASD, were examined.

Results suggest a nuanced view of the “extreme male brain theory of autism”.

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When parents present to a physician's office because of concerns about their child's sexual behavior, several issues typically arise: parent anxiety, the extent to which the behavior is disruptive in the home or school setting, the origin of the behavior, and effective management of the behavior.