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31-Aug-2017 23:16

If it doesn't know the answer it will Google it for you. Here are a collection of funny questions to ask S Voice. Also see: Funny things to ask Siri and Funny things to ask Cortana. The last couple of months have been unpleasant to say the least, but knowing that I had my favorite people waiting for me, made things a little easier to deal with!I absolutely cannot wait to play and have kinky phone sex with you all again!!Remember that if you really want to wow him with a sexy voicemail, you need to be prepared. Put yourself in a comfortable position so you can attractively project your voice (usually standing up is best). Preparation Think about what you want to say in your sexy voice message ahead of time, but don’t write it down and read it. Unpredictable Planning on leaving more sexy voice messages in the future?I’ve compiled a list of my secret tricks that will make you a pro at seducing any man through sexy voicemails! Trust me, he be able to tell if you’re reading from a piece of paper! Filler Words This tip is pretty simple: avoid 15,000 “um’s” or “like’s.” 4. Mix up your messages between sweet, sexy and funny. Be innocent and coy one time, and more in-your-face with the next voice note. Don’t Go Crazy Just because it’s voice messaging and not text messaging doesn’t mean that you can go wild. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). I’m 40 years old and I’ve been married 11 years now.

Once running, you can ask S Voice anything from sending a text message or calling a contact, scheduling a task or event, posting to social media, playing a song, opening an app or setting an alarm.

We ask you to remember that until we get new girls hired, we are taking on all you sexy beasties!

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