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10-Jan-2018 20:00

Here, we look at two studies that shed light on this subject by exploring how aggression in the relationships of individuals (mostly) in their 20s is associated with various commitment dynamics.

Wendy Manning, Monica Longmore, and Peggy Giordano’s new study, Using cross-sectional analyses within a later wave of their longitudinal Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study involving 926 individuals aged 22-29, Manning and colleagues found that cohabiting couples were more likely to report aggression (31%) in their relationship than married (23%) or dating couples (18%).

“Now 45% of those couples are divorced,” she told us, “and I continue to follow the divorced individuals to look at how they adjust, date, and remarry.” She collected data on the successful and unsuccessful marriages to gain insight into what brings couples together and what keeps them apart.

“It’s the largest study of its kind in the United States,” she said.

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While the percentages in either study may seem high to you, they are consistent with many other studies of those in these earlier stages of life. I know because I’ve fucked up my fair share of them.